Believe The Best About Others

Daniel VillarrealBlog

Getting along with people in church life is mostly easy. Following the New Testament pattern of being committed to and believing the best about each other, in church life, is another thing altogether. Serving alongside people means you encounter all their polished as well as their rough edges. Some areas of people’s lives are healed and refined by God. Some areas are still a work in progress. People are made perfect in Christ, but are still being perfected on the journey of life (Heb. 10:14).

Believing the best about someone on their journey with Jesus is critical to a healthy church community. Without it, you risk harboring suspicions, hurts, criticisms, and judgments against others. When we stop believing God’s best about others, we start believing the worst. When we believe the worst, we live divided in places God called us to be unified. When we don’t believe the best, we aren’t seeing through the eyes of grace and love. Believing the best about others is essential in keeping yourself from becoming judge and jury over others shortcomings. We have an expectation that people believe the best about us, especially when we make mistakes. Shouldn’t we do the same for others as God is building their life? God is always working on us. Let’s remember He is not finished with others. – Daniel