Believe The Best About Others

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Getting along with people in church life is mostly easy. Following the New Testament pattern of being committed to and believing the best about each other, in church life, is another thing altogether. Serving alongside people means you encounter all their polished and rough edges. Some areas of people’s lives are healed and refined by God. Some areas are still a work in progress. People are made perfect in Christ, but are still being perfected on the journey of life (Heb. 10:14). Believing the best about someone on their journey with Jesus is critical to a healthy church community. Without it, you risk harboring suspicions, hurts, criticisms, and judgments against others. When we stop believing God’s best about others, we start believing the worst. … Read More

Something a Great Pastor Told Me

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When I first came to Christ, I heard a pastor teach a message that greatly impacted my life. It was actually the first sermon I heard after salvation. He was speaking to bible college students and said “I can’t tell you in 30 minutes what I have learned in 30 years as a pastor, but I can tell you this. Stay teachable and stay humble. That will guard you for the rest of your life in everything you do.” I can’t remember anything else that pastor said that day, but that message became a long-term exercise for me and more importantly, a desire in my life from that point on. Being humble and teachable are key character qualifications that every … Read More

Exits Speak Louder Than Entrances

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Humility is noticeable whenever you enter a season, but it’s magnified whenever you exit one. Great arrivals and seasons are often overshadowed and forgotten because of terrible or mediocre exits. People don’t always remember why or when you left a season but they most often remember how you left it. Our exits speak louder than our entrances. It will always serve you and your reputation well, to think selflessly and strategically about the transitional seasons in your life. You don’t get do overs. Though God may move you, its people who you effect and it’s people we are called to love, to serve and to them we model Christ. Aim to be a bridge builder not a bridge burner. If … Read More

My Greatest Friendships

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The greatest friendships in my life have been built on the platform that I’m here to serve them, be a friend to them, help them, love them, pray for them, guide them, etc. That heart and mindset has kept the term “we had a falling out” or “we drifted apart” far from my life. Rather than live from feelings of entitlement towards others, or selfishly withdraw from people if they haven’t touched base lately, I choose to assume the best. I assume that people are going through their own stuff. I assume that people are busy. I assume they are caught up in their own lives just like we all are at times. This keeps relationship & friendship drama low. … Read More

Did Trump, Hillary or Bernie mention this?

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Each candidate, as different as they were, had a similar theme running throughout their speeches to the American voters. Each one spoke of what could be done for you and your future. Each one spoke of how your life and this country could be better off with them in office. Each one spoke of how other candidates are the problem and how their particular plans/policies are the solution. For us, as followers and servants of Jesus Christ, wherever you stand politically, one thing can certainly be said of each candidate. It is that none of them are our source or our hope, but rather, God, who is both our source, and our provider (Deut. 8:18). He makes it clear that … Read More

What Needs To Be Settled?

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Here’s a sobering thought. What isn’t settled in you now, has the potential to unsettle you later. What isn’t resolved within you, you give permission to grow and disrupt your purpose in another season. Sooo…be intentional. Live with resolve. Settle things while you can before they unsettle you at a much greater cost. – Daniel

Can You Trust God For A Resurrection?

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Can You Trust God For A Resurrection?   Your journey with Jesus will ensure that you encounter divine moments in your life that are crossroads. Crossroads that lead you to greater things in God if you choose His will in that season. However, they will most likely mean death and abandonment to some areas of life that you possibly hold sacred. It’s the choice between what Paul mentioned is satisfaction or crucifixion of our flesh.   The Apostle Paul said that it was “no longer he who lived….but Christ who lived in Him.” That the old Paul was crucified. The old Paul did not need to be satisfied because Christ now lived in him. And he now lives in and … Read More

This Is Your Opportunity

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Hey Church, we have a great opportunity! You can make a difference, however, we have to move on it quickly and your help is needed. Our 10:45 service on Sunday is already maxed out after 3 weeks. It seems to be the most appealing service for new people. We are getting more visitors and visiting families in that service than any other. How incredible is that?! Last Sunday, there were over 100 MORE people in the 10:45 service than in the 9:30am and 12:15pm services. That’s exciting but also challenging because we now have no room to grow in the 10:45 service. It means we are stuck. We are directly impacted in kids ministry, parking and seating which brings us to this incredibly sobering … Read More

“Do everything without complaining and arguing,” – (Philippians 2:14)

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“Do everything without complaining and arguing,” – (Philippians 2:14) ‪Enough said‬ …but I’ll say a bit more. There is nothing more destructive to your faith, hope, vision and current task at hand. Through complaining you really get nowhere. You don’t advance. Nothing changes. You spend energy and emotion that discourages and depresses you. You speak negativity and defeat. You then begin to look for something or someone new only to arrive and find yourself in the same situation. Why? Because with our mouths, we curse the thing we asked God to bless. There’s a fine line between pursuing what God has next and running from the responsibility of stewarding a season well. The next thing is always impacted by how … Read More

Want More?

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WANT MORE? We all want more. But…what for? In Genesis 12:2, God said to Abraham, “And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, SO THAT YOU WILL BE a blessing. “So that you will be…” explains the multi faceted impact God desires when he blesses us. God’s intention in blessing His people isn’t one dimensional. It’s always about others. Let your head and heart embrace the reality that God wants to bless others THROUGH you and THROUGH your life. Don’t short change the world only wanting more and simply seeking blessing that stops with you. Get a larger world view. Get a view of God’s Kingdom. Get a love … Read More