My Greatest Friendships

Daniel VillarrealBlog

The greatest friendships in my life have been built on the platform that I’m here to serve them, be a friend to them, help them, love them, pray for them, guide them, etc. That heart and mindset has kept the term “we had a falling out” or “we drifted apart” far from my life.

Rather than live from feelings of entitlement towards others, or selfishly withdraw from people if they haven’t touched base lately, I choose to assume the best. I assume that people are going through their own stuff. I assume that people are busy. I assume they are caught up in their own lives just like we all are at times. This keeps relationship & friendship drama low. It keeps selflessness at the forefront and it eliminates any entitlement I might have. The love & grace that God has toward me, frees me to love others as He does. I refuse to hold people to expectations that God Himself doesn’t hold others to. When we’ve been distant, God doesn’t make us pay back lost time. He doesn’t shut us out. He doesn’t withdraw Himself from us out of spite.

Some relationships are seasonal and that’s understandable. The main thing I’m saying here is to believe the best of others. Live to love, serve and give toward others. There is far more joy, adventure and peace to be found in our relationships when we live selflessly as Christ does toward us.