RECAP: Vision Sunday 2015

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What a powerful Sunday! Yesterday I spoke to two amazing services about the direction we are headed toward as a church, in 2015 . I started off with a quote “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” – Helen Keller 

Vision is so important when it comes to our life and the life of our church. Its one thing to see that we are married, and another to remember what God intends our marriage to be. It’s one thing to attend church, and another to be a church in action in the broken world we face everyday.

Vision Sunday is a yearly reminder for us to remember the “why” behind what we do as a church. In some ways it’s like realigning the tires on a vehicle and straightening out our thinking, lives, pursuits and goals. So often, church becomes routine or stale for people because they’ve lost sight of the vision God has called us to live out. Other times people fall into the trap of familiarity and lose the value of what we are called to do as God’s people. Still, others fall head first into thinking that church is simply a place that is there to meet their needs, rather than it being God’s vehicle to begin change on the earth.

Two words I could not shake loose from for the last few months when praying about the theme of this year were the words, “Faithful” and “Focused.” As last year was the year of open doors for so many, it’s important to remember that doors open seasonly, not every day or year. Our faithfulness and focus on what God has for us in the moment is crucial. If we neglect what God has given us, why would he give us anything else? With that in mind…

Our theme for 2015 is that we are to be Destiny Driven. Destiny driven In all that we are, all that we do, all that we face. Destiny Driven parents, moms, dads, business leaders, students. We are called to do that as we make everyday choices in our lives keeping the destiny God has for us, in mind.

Destiny is not some mysterious something “out there” that I’m trying to reach….destiny is knowing Jesus and walking out His purpose for me, moment by moment, day by day and year after year. Destiny is achieved by making choices that align with His purpose. But how do we do that?

We remain destiny driven by remaining faithful and focused. This year I am praying God’s continued blessing and strength over your life, your choices and your decisions. We serve a God that is for us, not against us. His will for our lives is good. I pray that He empowers you to fully encounter His life and goodness in new ways in 2015. He loves you…live Destiny Driven.

Daniel Villareal Jr – Senior Pastor – Grace Avenue Church

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We made some big announcements this Sunday…key things happening in 2015…

  • THRIVE Marriage/Relationships Conference – September 2015
  • MISSION TRIP – Details coming soon
  • BOLD – Women’s movement of GAC taking big steps this year (beginning March 6th)
  • INNOVATORS – New name of Dreamers & Entrepreneurs Community (next event April 11th)
  • YOUTH – Continuing our investment into and integration of young people into church life.
  • VOLUNTEERS – 140 currently serving but 50 more needed this year to help lift the load
  • NEW CAMPUS – Still in our heart as we pray about when and where this will be….