This Is Your Opportunity

Daniel VillarrealBlog

Hey Church, we have a great opportunity! You can make a difference, however, we have to move on it quickly and your help is needed.

Our 10:45 service on Sunday is already maxed out after 3 weeks. It seems to be the most appealing service for new people. We are getting more visitors and visiting families in that service than any other. How incredible is that?!

Last Sunday, there were over 100 MORE people in the 10:45 service than in the 9:30am and 12:15pm services. That’s exciting but also challenging because we now have no room to grow in the 10:45 service. It means we are stuck. We are directly impacted in kids ministry, parking and seating which brings us to this incredibly sobering reality about the 10:45 service….

  • people who don’t know Jesus, will drive up and NOT be able to park.
  • people who don’t know Jesus, will NOT have a place to sit.
  • people who don’t know Jesus, will NOT be able to meet Him at Grace Avenue.
  • people who don’t know Jesus, will NOT have their kids come through our kids ministry.
  • people who don’t know Jesus, will NOT have their life impacted.
  • people who don’t know Jesus will NOT find a connect group.
  • people who don’t know Jesus will NOT develop life changing relationships.
  • people who don’t know Jesus will NOT find a place to serve.

That’s the current reality we are facing with the 10:45am service. If there is no room for people that God is sending, and no way for them to be reached or impacted, then why would He keep sending them?

Here is our opportunity and it requires selflessness, vision and maturity.

OPPORTUNITY: BE INTENTIONAL and make room for more people to KNOW JESUS.

HOW?: Switch from sitting in the 10:45am service and sit in the 9:30am or 12:15pm service to make room for people who don’t know Jesus.

WHY?: In a world, that wants us to see through the lens of how things can better serve US…I’m asking you to see through the lens how how this can better serve OTHERS.

IMPORTANT: Notice that nowhere in this blog, have I addressed how this makes things convenient for you and I? Notice I have not said, “I understand you worked hard all week”? Notice how I didn’t address how the 10:45 service might be more convenient for you?

That’s because the priority at Grace Avenue is people meeting and knowing Jesus. It always has been and it always will be. I would love for that to be the priority of everyone of you as well. Someone did that for me and someone did that for you….they INCONVENIENCED themselves so that you and I could meet our Savior. Someone made room in their life for you….HERE is an opportunity to do that for someone else.

We’d love to see this happen as early as THIS SUNDAY. (My personal preference would be the 12:15 as it has the most room and needs the most attention to help it become a greater reflection of our other services. To see it carry the spirit and heart of the other services.)

Let’s do this….it’s our opportunity to see lives transformed forever.

Sincerely, Daniel V