Updates on Pastor Jannelle and Baby Eden

Pastor Jannelle gave birth by C-Section to baby Eden Raine on Monday, July 10th, at 31 weeks. Since then, baby Eden Raine is doing very well in the NICU. Pastor Jannelle has experienced some very serious complications, and is currently being treated in ICU at a different hospital. We know God has his hand on both of their precious lives, and are confidently believing that there will be miracles! Please keep the Villarreal family in your prayers.
For all who have been asking how you can financially support the Villarreals at this time, a GoFundMe has been set up for them: gofundme.com/therewillbemiracles

This page will have the most current information available.

Saturday, July 22nd // Afternoon Update –

Pastor Jannelle is now out of ICU, stabilized on a medical floor, has color back in her face, has come out of all the grogginess, has a liver that has returned to normal (fully recovered! No transplant needed!), blood counts getting better, kidneys on their way to recovery, and much more.

These in themselves are miracles. In the words of her amazing ICU nurse a couple of days ago, “to see where you are now, compared to last Friday is nothing short of miraculous.” We know we will have her back soon!

We still want Pastor Jannelle to get as much rest as possible, as the daily plasma and dialysis treatments leave her weak, so please no visitors at this time. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your continued prayers as her miraculous recovery continues!

Also, continue to pray for Eden Raine, that she also continues to gain weight and grow healthy and strong. She’s loving the daily visits from dad, and big sister Vivienne.

Specific Prayer Points:

-For kidney function to be fully restored in Jannelle’s body, and for NO traces of this illness to remain. Pray for relief from pain.

-For Eden’s continued healthy growth.

-For rest for Pastor Daniel as he balances his time between everything.

Jer 30:17 “I will restore health unto Jannelle and heal her of all wounds, declares the Lord”

Thursday, July 20th // Morning Update –

Pastor Jannelle has been eating very small portions of food for a renal diet plan that she has been placed on. Her kidneys still need to awaken (dialysis will continue for now). Her blood still needs to be in order (plasma treatments will also continue for now). Her lungs are still weak. We are seeing GREAT progress, but last night was a struggle.

Baby Eden Raine was held by dad again last night!

Specific Prayer Points:

-Pray for total healing for Jannelle, and no long-term effects.

-Pray for relief from pain, strengthened lungs, and the ability to rest well for Jannelle.

-Pray that baby Eden makes great strides in gaining weight in the days ahead. We’re so grateful for her health!

“I will NOT die but live, and WILL proclaim what the LORD has done.” (Psalm 118:17)

Wednesday, July 19th // Afternoon Update –

Great report today that a liver transplant for Pastor Jannelle is apparently off the table! Her liver is healing! Jannelle has had 5 plasma treatments, and we are looking at another 5 this coming week. She’s begun eating a little. She is on dialysis today, and responding well.

Baby Eden is still doing well in NICU, and has been getting time with her dad everyday!

Specific Prayer Points:

-Jannelle’s kidneys still need miracle healing to function properly.

-Please pray for Jannelle’s pain to be relieved, as currently she’s in a lot of pain.

-Pray that baby Eden Raine gains some weight. Overall, she is doing great for a premature 32 week old baby.

-Pray for continued rest for the Villarreal family.

Thank you so much for praying for Jannelle, Eden, and Daniel and Vivienne! Please keep the prayers coming.

Psalm 91:5 – “When Jannelle calls on Me, I will answer her. I will be with her in trouble.”

Tuesday, July 18th // Morning Update –

Pastor Jannelle had some major wins yesterday!

#1) Her liver has begun functioning again.

#2) Her kidneys have begun their journey to recovery. The next stage is them learning to start filtering again.

#3) Most all of her dangerous levels have come down to safe/normal levels.

#5) She was able to get a break all day and night from dialysis.

Today, Jannelle will get another round of dialysis, and another plasma treatment.

Yesterday, Pastor Daniel held Baby Eden on his chest for an hour. Her ultrasounds came back, and she is all in the clear with zero brain bleeds. Developmentally she is on her way to a great start! Pastor Daniel prayed over her, and spoke scripture over her life and future.

Specific Prayer Points requested by Pastor Daniel:

-Pray for Jannelle’s immune system, and internal organs.

-Pray for her blood to come into order and be healed from the incessant havoc that’s been happening. Pray for continued successful plasma treatments.

-Pray for strength of every sort, for Jannelle, baby Eden as she grows, and for Daniel and Vivienne. Pray for peaceful rest for them all as well.

By faith, we say that the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, lives in Jannelle. And He will raise her to life and wholeness. (Romans 8:11)

We are confident God will use this for His Glory. And He will be praised among the nations for it all.

“I will thank you, Lord, among all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations.” (Psalm 57:9)

Monday, July 17th // Morning Update –

World-wide prayer is working! Pastor Jannelle’s liver enzymes have come down from an outrageous 16,000 to 988 as of yesterday (need to be between 15-37). Her liver team stated that things are much better now, and her liver should recover. We are so grateful to hear that!

She also had a successful plasma treatment today. Every successful treatment is a major win in helping her to turn a positive corner.

Specific Prayer Points requested by Pastor Daniel:

-Continue to pray for her liver to continue to heal, and especially for her kidneys to return to full function.

-Pray that antibodies from her blood continue to be removed with plasma treatment.

-For supernatural wisdom for doctors/nurses to see what needs to be seen, and for supernatural healing for Jannelle in every area of her body, reversal and restoration of damage, and any difficult breathing to return to normal. We’re thankful she has only been on a nasal cannula and done well. 

-Continue to help Pastor Daniel to rally “prayer from every nation” in the name of Jesus Christ for her healing.

-Pray for baby Eden to continue to grow healthy and strong into everything for which she is called.

Jer 33:5 “Behold, I will bring Jannelle health and a cure, and I will heal Jannelle and will reveal to Jannelle the abundance of My peace and My truth.”

Sunday, July 16th // Evening Update –

We want you to know everything is well! We are working on gathering a bit more of a detailed update for you. Jannelle is still steady and improving daily, and baby Eden is doing wonderful. She got to visit with her dad again today. Stay tuned for a bit more of a detailed update.

Saturday, July 15th // Evening Update –

There are no major updates today. Things with Pastor Jannelle are steady and stable. She has done another plasma treatment, been on continuous dialysis, and has gone most of the day with a regular oxygen mask. Baby Eden Raine is continuing to do very well!

We are so grateful for the incredible support we have received with prayer from around the world! We know that God is working mightily in Jannelle and baby Eden.

Prayer Points: Continue to pray for restored, whole function in Jannelle’s kidneys and liver. Pray for supernatural rest for Pastor Daniel. Pray that baby Eden continues to grow healthy and strong as she is already doing!

Deut 7:15 “And the Lord will take away from Jannelle all sickness.”

Saturday, July 15th // Morning Update –

Update from Pastor Daniel: “Yesterday, I was praying for my wife in her current condition. As I prayed, I envisioned God taking this situation from the enemy, and using this evil attack against Jannelle to usher in something new that will impact San Antonio, Grace Avenue Church, and people all around the world. It would stir a hunger in people to know the God we serve. The God of miracles. Later at 1 am, as I laid down to sleep, I felt the Holy Spirit say to initiate ‘prayer from every nation.'”

Prayer Points: Our goal, in this very moment of Jannelle’s life, is to initiate prayer happening in every nation around the world for miracles in Jannelle’s life and body. Pastor Daniel wants to unite people in prayer around the world, in the name of Jesus, for her physical healing and full recovery.  Let’s get faith-filled prayer happening in every nation around the world for Jannelle, and for those in need of miracles. We know God can use all of this destruction for good and for His glory!

Friday, July 14th –

At this time, Pastor Jannelle’s kidneys are not functioning, and her liver has stopped working. She will begin 24-hour cycle dialysis machine to help with her non-functioning kidneys. She just finished her first of several rounds of plasmapharesis to help clean her blood. Her breathing has improved as well today.

Today there were 3 amazing rays of light amidst the darkness:

#1) Levels in her liver have decreased from 16,000 to 9,600 when they should normally be between 15-37 (yes, single digits!)

#2) Her kidneys have not improved, but they have stopped getting worse.

#3) Pastor Daniel was able to hold Eden Raine, who is getting stronger and healthier everyday, on his chest for the first time ever, with big sister Vivienne right next to them.

We’re choosing to see the good amidst the pain! We’re choosing to see & believe God will use it all.

Prayer Points: For continued improvement, and especially for Jannelle’s kidneys/liver to restore to normal function.

Romans 8:11 “But if the Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in Jannelle, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to mortal Jannelle’s body through His Spirit who dwells in her.”

Thursday, July 13th – 

Thank you to everyone praying and standing firmly in faith on Pastor Jannelle’s behalf. Jannelle is (according to the doctors) dealing with something called HELLP Syndrome. It’s very rare. Her ICU nurse has only seen it 2 other times in 3 years.

Jannelle has been placed in an ICU in a different hospital than baby Eden, with specialists who focus on liver and kidneys, because hers took a very serious hit as a result of all this. She has received a dialysis treatment that partially removed some fluid which had taken up 70% of her lungs. She ended the night lightly sedated, with a CPAP mask, similar to what baby Eden is wearing in the NICU. This helped her sleep for the first time in days, and helped her to breathe.

There was a brief and beautiful moment of light when nurses brought Eden Raine out of the NICU to see and meet her mom for a few seconds before Jannelle was transported to the new hospital. Eden Raine touched her mom for the first time.

Prayer Points: Pray for the Villarreals as they cope with all of this. We’re determined to see God & His grace shine through all of it. Jesus is already our victory.

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon formed against Jannelle shall prosper.”